Our clients typically have 10 to 100 workstations and their businesses rely on constant access to their data and line of business applications. Our clients are typically concerned about having their data secured and want protection against viruses and other malware. Importantly, they recognize the need to have access to their data and to have a recovery plan in the event of a major disruption or calamity. They represent a broad cross-section of industries and are located across Canada although most are located in or around Greater Vancouver.

Add our technology experts to your company’s team when:

  • You want to focus on your business, not the technology.
  • You are constantly having recurring operational issues with your production systems.
  • You have experienced data loss due to malware or poor practices.
  • You know that computer downtime costs you money.
  • You need to be certain your data is always backed up, period – no exceptions.
  • You want to know and see that you can recover quickly – locally and off-site cloud.
  • You believe that paying to prevent problems is more efficient than paying to fix problems.
  • You’re looking for a partner that gets your business concerns and the value technology brings to your business.